Wrapping in comfort

Wrapping presents that is.

Rob and I always wrap the presents whilst sitting on the floor, surrounded by sticky tape, ribbon, tags, wrapping paper and presents. Usually we have some lovely music on. But it is really killing on the knees.

This year, the presents were already on the table, we didn’t need to hide any presents as there was no one here to hide them from. So we just grabbed the wrapping paper and sellotape and sat at the table to wrap presents. So much more comfortable, why hadn’t we done that before?


1 thought on “Wrapping in comfort

  1. Good idea lol! I always wrap my presents the same as you used too, on the floor – but throw a large dog and a few cats into the mix who like to bounce in and out of the paper and see what’s going on, and you can imagine the chaos that ensues!
    Cats and sticky tape just do not mix! xxx

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