Winter Snow

We have had more snow than I can remember seeing before. We have had 3 loads of snow, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday night and half of Friday. Rob has spent time travelling, having to go the long way round to work. Today it wasn’t even worth trying to get out of our little area. I couldn’t go to a crop to meet up with friends to do scrapbooking, which was quite sad. I haven’t been out of the house all week and was looking forward to some friendly chatter.

Today was interesting, first there was Rob deciding whether or not to go to work, he stayed home, then the boiler tripped, but Rob soon rectified that problem. Snow was blocking the air vent to the boiler. Then the power went off, apparently there were overhead cables down, 3hrs later that came back on. Luckily we had the gas fire and a gas hob to make tea.

We did have fun in the garden, playing football with Max, throwing snowballs, mainly at Max, he liked to try and catch them. We made a snowman and I made a snow angel, my very first.

I have to admit that I was actually on my knees when the photo of the snowman was taken, just to make it look like a really tall snowman!


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