That’s better

I felt the need for a saunter. My mind has been a little busy with all the different things going on and it needed to be lined up and put in order to relieve the jumbled thoughts. Max was asking for a walk, and I decided we would go for a drive then a walk along the canal I had found on a map.

It was lovely and peaceful, shimmering water, chug chug of an engine of a boat going through the lock gates, sounds of birds and a beautiful setting sun with views of the river.

The village is called Purton not far from Sharpness, as I walked the sun lowered, filling the sky with pink marshmallow, turning to red and orange. On the way home I stopped to take the redder skies and then the view from the motorway bridge.

I came home much calmer in my thoughts, made an apple and cranberry crumble, had an enjoyable restful evening, and look forward to starting the day tomorrow.


1 thought on “That’s better

  1. Beautiful photos. the scene from the motorway is fantastic, so dynamic! xx

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