Sunday Chatter

Well I am chuffed. Chuffed because I rode a bicycle round our block. That is two miles of very bumpy country lane. Ok I did push a little. But I feel so good having done it and maybe I shall doit again. See my other blog Beyond Chocolate for more of the story.

Quantum of Solace. You might have heard of it. The latest James Bond film with Daniel Craig as Bond. Rob and I went to see it at the cinema this afternoon. (Tip: seems like a quiet time to go). I kept up with the story but it probably helped that I read a synopsis before I went. Loads of action, sunshine, a bit bloodthirsty, no actually, alot bloodthirsty. So as a James Bond film goes, it was ok. Daniel Craig doesn’t do it for me. But I felt it was let down by the lack of gadgets. I think I must be a traditional Bond girl!

Dinner courtesy of Nigella tonight. Lamb chops with chilli and black olives.
I served it with mashed leek and potatos, buttered carrots and a few brussel sprouts. I think it was delicious, even if I say so myself.

Actually that looks garish, think next time I will take photo when served on plates.


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  1. LOL – Daniel Craig doesn’t do it for me either Mandy! Too simian-like 😀

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