Sewing Job Opportunity Bristol

Dear Mrs Gerrard,

I found your contact on your super website.


job oportunity in BristolWe are just starting the recruitment process for two, new full-time (twin-needle industrial) machinists to join our team making hot-air balloons in Bedminster.

I was just wondering whether you would have any students that might be suited to us and that would like to send us their CV?

If they are proficient with single-needle machine, handling different types of fabric etc we can usually teach and complete any extra sewing training as needed in-house…

We use a lot of French-fell seams, twin-needles, single-needles, box-stitch machines, synthetic and natural fabrics… from very thin (and slippy) silicone-elastomers to thick leathers…

(A letter from anyone interested outlining experience or a formal CV to our address below or to my email would be perfect to start off with)


If you think it would be of interest, I can happily send some more information or if students would prefer to pop in, or email questions or give me a call for further information, I would be delighted to assist.


In the meantime, here is some background about work here


Thank you

Kind regards
Hannah Cameron
Cameron Balloons Ltd.
St John’s Street,
Bedminster, Bristol
BS3 4NH, United Kingdom.

Telephone +44 (0)117 9637216