Sewing for kids

I have just made up some samples for the After School Learn to Sew Club I hope to run.
Here is a pin cushion pal, a happy frog. He is from Level One, where the children learn to cut out fabric from patterns and to do running stitch.

The felt cushion helps them to learn blanket stitch, a bit of design and button sewing.

Level 2 moves the children on to a sewing machine. First they learn how to use it then they practise sewing straight lines and curved lines on fabric. They can then chose to make the heart below.

Level 3 teaches them how to do casings to make a drawstring bag, there are other items to make in each level, 6 levels in total, each taking 6 weeks/sessions.

I am taking them to an Extended Schools Celebration event so the teachers and governors can see what I do and hopefully think that a Learning to Sew After School Club would be good.


2 thoughts on “Sewing for kids

  1. Those are super cute projects for little people Mandy, hope you get lots of pupils lining up to do your after school activity!

  2. These are fantastic projects Mandy – good luck!

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