Owning hens

I am looking into having hens in the garden, again. Not that I have had hens in the garden before but that I am thinking about it again as I do most years.

I have long had a desire to gave hens laying eggs for me to collect. I am not sure what the attraction is.

Is it the thought of fresh eggs daily?
Is it fulfilling a primal urge to hunt down our own food?
Is it because they will follow me round the garden?
Is it a need to love and care for any animal?
Is it a token to a dormant dream of self sufficiency?
Is it because of those gorgeous coloured eglus by omlet?
Is it because my mother will hate them?
Is it the addition of their droppings to the compost?
Is it their ability to eat all the slugs?

I just feel that this year may be the year of the hen. Let’s hope bird flue doesn’t rear it’s ugly head too much.


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