Modscraps Challenge

Modscraps scrapbooking shop has a monthly sketch challenge. Giselle submitted the challenge sketch.Here is my version, a very close scraplift of Giselle’s original. The LO is titled “It’s all about the socks, Mismatched”. The photo has 2 pairs of socks, A is wearing one pair and Max is wearing the other, he has a pair on his back paws too! We put socks on his paws to stop his claws making ratatat noises on the wooden floor of the holiday house we were staying in. The socks were given to A for a Christmas present and they are Little Miss Matched socks. Aren’t they adorable?


1 thought on “Modscraps Challenge

  1. They are adorable…..not just the sox, your LO & Max (oh yes and A's feet!)

    Thanks for doing the sketch challenge, good luck!

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