Just Do It

How about that for a maxim. “Just do it”.
This is the wording we found on the inside waist band on a pair of exercise trousers, when we were out shopping. I just had to capture it in a photo. My daughter held them up so I could capture the phrase on my iphone.
This saying is a good one to take on board. How much better to “Just do it”, than faffing around thinking about doing it. There is no point trying to do it. Where does trying get you? Not very far. You either do something or you don’t do something.
Food for thought.

3 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. I can relate to that Mandy!!

  2. Too true – I'm the queen of just "thinking" about it…

  3. totally get where your coming from, but all I hear in my head is the. . . "just say no" – funny, huh

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