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I have decided to have a go at Journalling My Christmas. I enjoy Christmas and all the festivities, the more of them the merrier. I like the pre-planning and preparations, the cake making, menu planning, present buying, decorating and the crafting. Although I don’t make enough time to do the crafting I would like to do. I like to leave preparations for Christmas till December, it makes it feel more festive but actually I might allow myself to start some preparations in November, perhaps Christmas cards, decorations and gifts that I can make.

Now my children are grown up, Christmas is different than when they were young. We used to have Christmas concerts or plays to attend, Father Christmas visits, advent calenders which could have chocolate but had to have a nativity theme as I believe we celebrate Christmas for the birth of Jesus, their excitement could be over the top.

Now they will return from University for a grown up Christmas. This will be different to when they were children, so now I am keen to find traditions that we can enjoy as adults. I think journalling a ‘grown ups’ Christmas will be valuable in creating a family celebration time, I can record thoughts and ideas for how to celebrate and then have a record of our time together. We will be able to look back at how we celebrated Christmas in future years, to remind us what we love to do at this time of year.

Shimelle’s class Journal Your Christmas starts on 1st December and goes through to 6th January, which is 12th night when all the decorations need to be down. Daily prompts are sent in e-mails and the day can be captured in photos, scrapbook pages, journalling, in blogs, scrapbooks or photo albums. Here is the link: Journal Your Christmas


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  1. You don't look old enough to have grown children!! 🙂 I'll be doing JYC for the 3rd year & looking forward to seeing it! I hope you have a fun time with it!

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