It’s time to say goodbye

I remember very well, my 18th birthday. My mother gave me a wonderful party, with all my friends. My 18th birthday present was a sewing machine, with sewing basket. It was a fantastic present. I had made things from an early age, cutting a hole in a small circle of fabric was a cape (people wore those back in the 70s) for my Cindy dolls (I wasn’t a Barbie girl), I sewed a little sewing bag for my mother, it still survives. I went on to sew my gingham apron in the first year at senior school, I didn’t do very well at sewing at school, too slow! Then with my own sewing machine I made my own clothes, light summer dresses, a blouse, a skirt maybe, then later on, loads of children’s clothes for little A and J, curtains, cushions, gifts galore. I have progressed from my first sewing machine now, it lasted me 20+yrs.

The sewing basket lasted longer. I had no need to upgrade my sewing basket till recently. It had been overloaded, squidged, awkward to store and much loved.

Now it is time to move on and it has gone to a charity sale, I hope someone loves it like I did. My latest sewing box is not pretty, I can’t imagine it being loved but it will be easier to store my, increasing in size, sewing kit, being rectangular, storing those useful rectangular Ferero Rocher boxes.

1 thought on “It’s time to say goodbye

  1. I'm with you Mandy, my sewing box is/was Laura's baby box bought in Mothercare & oh so expensive 39 years ago! It's still in use although the hinges are busted! 😀
    Your basket is/was a lot prettier though 🙂

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