It’s hilly round here.

A fantastic walk in the hills around Uley in Gloucestershire last week. The weather was glorious, just warm enough and not too hot. Shorts and t-shirts day? It could be, it was so still. I donned suncream on the arms.

This was a walk my friend had suggested some time ago and one I didn’t feel confident to agree to then. I knew Uley and the hills around! Having been on several walks now I felt confident that I could do it, just needed to go at my own pace. Determination wins through and three hours later we are enjoying a pint of soda water and lime and a bite to eat. The pub is highly recommended, The Old Crown.
We chatted a lot along the flatter parts of the route, taking a break here and there to enjoy the views and the glorious day, we could even here skylarks. The bluebells were a poetic picture, in the woodland and surprisingly to me all over one of the hills. I thought they only grew in woodland or shady areas.
We were remembering those childhood pastimes of the country side; collecting and pressing wildflowers, pinging grass heads as far as you could, telling the time with dandelion clocks making daisy chains, chanting “he loves me, he loves me not” as you pulled the petals off a daisy, tell whether your friend liked butter or not by holding up a buttercup under their chin.
A blissful day and a chuffed me for climbing those hills. Who knows where that first taste of the Cotswold way will lead.

2 thoughts on “It’s hilly round here.

  1. Well done for tackling those hills. Lovely pix Mandy & thanks for the info….especially about that pub which I know will appeal to someone not a million miles from me!!! 😀

    (Well, he will enjoy the walk too!)

  2. Another well done for tackling the hills. You'll have to show me the grass head technique sometime, I never got the hang of it. I can make a very loud whistle with a blade of grass though…. 😉

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