Home baked rolls….mmm

Another gorgeous day, washing on the line, reading a novel, lying on the lounger in the garden under a blue sky. Today was bread roll making day, white rolls with a hint of rosemary. They were delicious with our home made soup this evening.


1 thought on “Home baked rolls….mmm

  1. Hi, Mandy.
    I suppose you didn’t expect many male visitors to your blog on account of some subjects herein which do appeal more for a “girl-readership’, as it were. Yo wouldn’t expect any visitor from Brazil at all, I also think. But here I am since I saw no reason to suppose male Brazilians would in principle be unwelcome in this virtual space.
    I love home baked rolls, thogh i don’t dare try my hand at them. I’m really unskilled with the oven, to say the least. I’m just an appreciator, an eater, sometimes a very greedy one.
    If you ever return my visit please know in advance you’ll be welcome in any of my blogs. The one I write in English is naturally the easiest for you to read so you may know if you like or not the stuff posted there, my English me and all. It’s at http://neo-orkuteiro-inenglish.blogspot.com/
    If you come I will know it is a return visit and I’ll be back here as many times as you go there, in a sort of game I play with other blogs from everywhere the world over.

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