Happy Days, Sewing Classes are starting again!

Sewing classes for adults and children in South Gloucestershire – Create and Grow

Choose a 1:1 2 hr sewing lesson to begin or improve your sewing skills, tailored (ha ha) to your own requirement. May be you have never sewn before but would like to start creating with a calm and patient teacher, or you have just blown the dust off that sewing machine under the stairs and could do with a reminder of how to use it. Would you like some ‘me’ time after Covid-19 lockdown? Do you need help to get started with your new interest in sewing? Do you have a pattern you would like to make into some clothing or some material that is supposed to be curtains but don’t know where to start?

I am back after lockdown with sewing classes for beginners and more experienced, adults and children on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis if from the same family.

Book just 1 lesson or a series of lessons to take you from standing to walking to running with your sewing skills.

Cost reduced back to £15 per hour with 10% reduction for 2.

Tote bag and zipped pouch.
Beginners class idea
An Autumn Waterfall Coat Pattern
Shows a coat I made
Waterfall Coat Detail
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1 thought on “Happy Days, Sewing Classes are starting again!

  1. Hello Mandy
    I am very interested in joining sewing class or club please.
    I am a teacher so best times are weekends or holidays.
    Many thanks Yolanda

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