Guy Fawkes

I have had a couple of days in London for Chocolate Fairy training with Beyond Chocolate. See link at side of my blog for more information. It was great to meet up with all the girls again, everyone was able to be there including Liz and Sarah, fairies that are already trained, they were a wonderful inspiration. Unfortunately Sophie couldn’t make it, so thanks go to Audrey who had to be on the ball for 2 whole days on her own.

I have been to 2 fireworks displays this week.

The first at the Chantry in Thornbury, where Rob dons a yellow jacket and keeps an eye that all is going safely. We had a clear, dryish night so all went well with some lovely fireworks and a hot dog. I had a friend turn up so had a good natter between explosions!

The second at Ruth’s. Ruth put on an amazing spread, absolutely delicious I couldn’t chose just one thing, I had a little of everything, very tasty. I had meant to take a photo, never mind. Nigel and his dad put on a really jazzy fireworks display, a good mix of bangs, whistles, oohs and aaahs. Great company, good chance to catch up socially with friends. Think I might have been discussing a New Years Party!

I didn’t have much luck with the firework photos this year, forgot all I learnt from last year. Also I didn’t set up my camera or think about it before going outside to watch. “PPPPP” as Rob would say.

Plenty of fun was had by the party people, grown-ups and youngsters alike.

If you see this Abbie, I hope you have some enjoyment from seeing my very poor fireworks photos, knowing you wouldn’t have Guy Fawkes night in Canada.

Here is a photo I found earlier, tripod obviously required. Not my photo.


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