Get Things Done

‘Get Things Done’ by David Allen, was the first book I picked to study. I am now over halfway through. I am very good and looking into ways I can work more efficiently, organize things, declutter, improve life etc. I think by doing that I won’t actually have to do these things because I am still trying to find the best way. Am I being cynical about my own motives? Don’t answer.

This time I haven’t only just read the book, I have cleared the in-tray, the filling tray, the files and have a 2ft pile of paper to burn and have collected all projects (anything that has more than two actions to do to complete them) actions, dates, etc that I can possibly think of.

I liked the bit to enable me to be “maximally efficient and relaxed”.
This suits my new way of life away from the corporate world and setting up new businesses.

Now to identify the next actions required on my projects. I have actually done quite alot of actions, many of the ‘less than 2 mins’ actions too. So time to get a coffee and get going.


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