Fun at the Fair

I got to the Vintage and Handmade Fair at opening time, 10am. There was already a long queue. I met a friend and her daughter there. We all had great fun looking at all the fabulous things, fabrics, clothes, trinkets, refashioned items, vintage books etc. I found a present for my daughter, which I can’t show you yet because she might see it before her birthday, also a present for my mother for Mothers’ Day. I bought some lovely used mangle linen, I intend to make all sorts of goodies with it. First I fancy making hand embroidered buttons with it.

From Vintage & Handmade Fair
My purchases

After the shopping we needed refreshing and I had tea and lemon cake at a Deli in Chipping Sodbury, called The Hamptons. My friends had some delicious foods. I will be going there again.

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