Extended Schools Celebration

Today I displayed my wares for Learn to Sew with Create & Grow. I was at the South Gloucestershire Extended Schools Celebration.
“From drama to dance and playing football to playing the piano, this event highlights the importance of a rich extra curricular programme for all children and young people.

England Ladies’ Rugby Captain, Catherine Spencer, will be a keynote speaker at the event where she will indicate the importance of out of school activities and clubs to the confidence, self esteem and motivation of young people throughout their school years, and to the need to ensure that all parents and children can access appropriate support services to enable young people to maximise their potential.”

Presentations were given by School workers and pupils. Olveston School did a brilliant action popular song they had learnt after school. We saw videos of what the children get up to with Playpods full of fun stuff. There was a Market Place where teachers/governors could see what was on offer from outside of education, which is where I came in.

I had examples of sewing that children could do at the Learn to Sew after school clubs I will be running from September. I chatted to several interested people and have various follow ups to do.

I was blown away by the extent of what Extended School is all about, which was lovely to see how much extra to the core, or 3Rs there is. So much is learnt outside of the school day in play and fun activities it is still part of the children’s vital learning.

Fingers crossed the new Government sees fit to keep it going. I think it would be something that would be hard to drop and would continue even if the Government change things in that quarter.


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  1. Wish you the best of luck with your new project, sounds like hard work but lots of fun! Don't forget to show the boys how to sew on shirt buttons!

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