Eventually, is how I uploaded probably 200 photos to be printed and delivered to my home in 24 hrs, what a palaver, some for a wedding album, some for our last holiday and a few from another wedding and a weekend with girlfriends. I am attending a 24 hr scrapbooking crop on Saturday to raise funds for St Peter’s Hospice, Bristol, so needed plenty to be doing, that is if I can stay awake that long, doubtful. I imagine it will be a bit like nursery school when you all put your heads down for a little nap. I will be working on a wedding album for Katie and James, Katie was our bridesmaid 23 years ago.

I have just spent a delightful half hour on ichat with Jeff. It is lovely how we can catch up with our student children wherever they are. He is so chuffed to have found a cheap warm, filling (almost) snack, 7p pot noodles from Sainsbury’s! He has asked in that sort of bashful way for a cheese hamper. He now knows why we used to tell him to stop grating so much cheese over everything. Aah, poor students.

I am currently having a conversation on MSN with Abbie, all about budgeting and loans and new laptops and 77% results and how cold it is in Canada all of a sudden. Now it is about dates, when she comes home from Canada and starts back to Uni in Oxford after Christmas and when she finishes altogether. Those 4 years of Uni seem to have flown by. Sometimes Abbie and I use Skype, video chatting, sometimes just typing on MSN. It is great because it is more natural than just being on the phone and you can carry on doing computer type things too.


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