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An outing, with friends, involving 100s of craft shops, buying, coffee and loads of goodies to take home to play with. Sounds like a good day out to the Hobbycrafts Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. It was too. I have new glues, Tim Holtz scissors, pretty papers by Inspire Me, a couple of round stamps, one for Birthday one for Summer. I also bought a set of Cuttlebug round shapes for embossing, to put the stamps inside. I just need to create with them now.

Here is something else I have been playing with when I was actively ‘not’ doing the wedding album I should be working on.

Stories in Hand, an on-line class by Jessica Sprague. She provides pages to download to enable you to set up your own inspiration book with loads of journaling ideas and sheets for jotting down stories you would like to write up sometime. Next I shall make the jotter I can carry around with me to add stories or notes as I go along. I will upload piccies soon. Then I learn more about how to get the stories down.

Tomorrow is Friday, (just affirming that fact for myself) and I will be working on the wedding album. I had help from friends today as we tossed ideas around and feel inspired to carry on. So later tomorrow I will upload photos of some of the work.

Text message from my son: “I just saw Santa abseil down Drakes Circus” . I just thought this was so funny, really random. My son is 19 and Drakes Circus is a Shopping Centre in Plymouth, just to put some context on the text.


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  1. I always thought my brother was a little bit odd… I was right all along! No way could they get Santa a big enough abseiling harness… Hehe xxx

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