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I have completed all 56 pages in Katie and James’s wedding album. I am amazed. I am relieved because it means Mum can take it back to Devon with her on Thur. I still have a few things to do with it, like the intro page and the end page and a pocket for ephemera and a mini book for them to write their own notes in. So when I have done that I will photo some of it and post on here.

Having done that I felt I could Journal my Christmas, here are pages for the 1st and 2nd December. I decided to go for 6″ x 12″ portrait shape and think I will buy an album to put them in.

The 1st December explains why I am doing the journal and what I hope to get from it, hence titled ‘Intentions’.

The 2nd December is about weather, I included a photo from my kitchen window this morning and a couple of snowy pics from the past. I journal about a Christmas when we had snow on Christmas Day and for a few days following. We had hired a cottage nr Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales. The owners had left us a sledge. So we went sledging with our mittens on, had fun (the sort of scary kind of fun) getting the car up snowy and icy hills, involving me sitting on the bonnet! It was an unbeatable holiday.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Journal

  1. These are fantastic pages Mandy. I can’t wait to see some more as the month progresses. This JYC is fun isn’t it?

  2. I love Dartmouth, sounds like you had a lovely (and delicious) time 🙂

    Love your first couple of pages for Journal your Christmas, will look forward to seeing how you get on xxx

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