Cardiff Bay – glorious day

No creating today but plenty of opportunity to gather ideas. Cardiff Bay was gorgeous, blue skies, warmth, street cafes. Mum and I lunched in a real French restaurant where the full length doors were open to the view of the Bay. I recommend the restaurant, Garcon, light bites a glass of wine, some gently French music, we could have been somewhere abroad not on the Welsh Coast. Here is the photo of my goats cheese stuffed mushrooms, wonderful.

We saw where Torchwood was filmed and there was a set in place ready for filming, which looked like something had been blown up.

Here is a photo of the Norwegian Church building, which is now an Italian run cafe and Gallery.

The coffee was very good and the cakes looked yummy. A better day we could not have wished for.


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  1. I liked the church and foodie pics.

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