This morning the news included an item about Broadband speeds. “Broadband users are not getting the speeds they are paying for, according to the largest survey of its kind ever undertaken by telecoms regulator Ofcom.

Here is the article on the BBC website, BBC News.

I am frustrated by our Broadband speeds, especially when trying to work. So much work is done on-line, for instance, web design, blogging, Google everything, getting photos printed, BBC iplayer. I have spoken to BT, our broadband and phone provider and they have checked the line etc and apparently we are a long way from the exchange, which I believe is in Thornbury 3.5 miles away.

So today I had a look on the BT site, this is what I found.

So it appears that actually I am not able to receive a broadband service, no wonder I am frustrated at the speeds. And I am paying this, see below, for the service I am supposedly unable to receive.Add VAT and that comes to about £45. Do I look into Dial-up, costs and speeds, will that help? Well I would except I got my username and password wrong, 3 times, so now I can’t access my account to find out. And BT are supposedly putting money in to a super broadband that will give 20MB or even 40MB. I would think all my Christmasses had come at once if we got 4MB!!

Rant over. 🙂


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  1. I feel your pain!!!!

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