Bristol Shopping Today

Today was our first visit to Cabot Circus, Bristol’s new shopping centre.

We turned off too early to enter the car park and went round the houses before finding it again. Car park £5 for between 2 and 4 hrs, it was bright and fresh. Cabot Circus was a bit of a maze and we were very pleased to find someone handing out maps but there were maps up on columns all round. I wish I had had a little preview as to what to expect before I got there. Here it is . There was plenty of room to wander around, it was cold as it has jazzy glass roof covering in areas but still open. It was half term and buying lunch was rather a trial as all the restaurants were very busy.

My son was impressed by the architecture and I learnt why RSJs have verticle bits of metal on them, from my son who is studying architectural technology. He was also impressed because Bristol now has an official Apple store.

We didn’t buy anything, I will enjoy going back for a slower look round with a more female’s eye view. I still like Park Street.


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