Beyond Chocolate Fairy Training Day

Today was a Chocolate Fairy Training Day. We meet up in London once a month for training to be able to tell others all about Beyond Chocolate and how it has changed our relationship with food and our bodies. Here is a link to the website if you want to ready more about it – Beyond Chocolate Website.

What another gorgeous day, 10th of October and we were having our lunch in the sunshine in Hyde Park.

I think that I need to work hardest at learning to talk from the heart and not from my head. My mind seems to work in such a way that I have trouble recognizing that I don’t need to learn how to say what needs to be said but I need to really feel what is going on and pass on my own personal knowledge from my heart not my head.

I will be saying more about my personal Beyond Chocolate journey and how I am doing with the training in future Blogs. This will help me see how far I have moved on and will help me speak from my heart.

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  1. looks like you had a very productive day , its good to learn things about yourself as well as how to help others , will keep looking back and see how you are doing x

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