Bath and bubbles by candlelight

I climbed into the bubbles of my bath, sinking into the warm water and the atmosphere the candle provided. This was so relaxing and calming, I became aware of my mind slowing down from its frantic thoughts, very peaceful.

Just what was needed after my first visit to Macro and the experience of bulk buying. There was so much there, mesmerizing. So I am now stocked up on toilet rolls, soap powder, coffee and many other essentials. If my neighbours read this they are welcome to pop round if they run short.

My find of the day though was not from Macro but W.H.Smiths. A roll of wrapping paper, wait for it……….. goldy, silver and glittery, very bling. £3.99 a roll for 2.5m. Because it is only a glittery effect and not glitter I put it through my Cricut to see how it would cut.

As you can see the cut was brilliant, the possibilities are just reeling through my mind (maybe I need another bath already). So if you receive a Christmas card from me this year, you may well find this glorious wrapping paper on it in some form. Click on the photo for a better look.


3 thoughts on “Bath and bubbles by candlelight

  1. I’m going to start looking at wrapping papers!!!! This is GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. Thanks for commenting Kathy. x

  3. ive actually got a piece of this wrapping paper from mandy and its lovely, better in the flesh ,thankyo 😀
    as for makro we go everynow and then and i have enough tea bags to brew up for an army not to mention toilet rolls and kitchen roll plus washing liquid too !

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