A Stash Diet

A weary girl today, relief flowing thick and fast (leaving work) and a local crop to attend, to scrapbook and natter. A lovely day.

My friends have returned from CKU, an American 3 day crop with wonderful teachers and classes. And they brought back, in heavily laden suitcases, so much stuff including the Grunge Board I was after and some Cricut consumables. But my wonderful friends had also been shopping and with some of their stash received at CKU, made me a real treasure chest full of stash, a mini tote, card kits, so much. I thought you might like a pic.

To the title of today’s blog, A Stash Diet. Today was the first time I have even contemplated going on a stash diet, this must be serious and probably has a lot to do with leaving my job. Stash is the beautiful, colourful, delightful ingredients required to decorate memorable memory books full of photos. So until I find a new income I am on a stash diet. Remember that when you are on a diet you can still eat, so I feel that when you are on a stash diet you can still acquire some stash but be restrained and sensible, buying only what you need. So with the wonderful treasures my friends bought me back from the states, today is a very good day to start.


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