A sale

I made a sale yesterday, the first sale of my hens eggs. That felt really good, so thank you to my stars Tilda, Scarlet and I am not sure which other one is laying.

This is Scarlet’s first egg, laid beautifully in the nesting box, good girl Scarlet.
Tilda is the grey one and lays the pale eggs, she is an Old Cotswold Legbar. Haven’t a clue whose bum fluff is whose from this angle. Anyway the dark ones are called Burford Browns and lay the dark brown eggs. Delicious.
The latest hen to lay is laying them in the hen house on the sawdust where they sleep at night! She doesn’t seem to want to listen to me when I say there is a very comfortable nesting box she could use.


1 thought on “A sale

  1. ……..and we will be having our newly laid, truly organic eggs for breakfast tomorrow!

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