Stitch ‘n’ Chat comes to Thornbury

Did you ever wonder how to sew on that shirt button, take up those trousers, how you could find the time to make a skirt, get help on that sewing project?

Now you have the answer, Stitch ‘n’ Chat! If you live in Bristol or South Gloucestershire you can come to Thornbury twice a month to get your sewing done at Turnberrie’s Community Centre.

Launch session is free, see poster for more information and Stitch ‘n’ Chat web page.

Stitch 'n' Chat poster

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3 thoughts on “Stitch ‘n’ Chat comes to Thornbury

  1. Hope you can help with my enquiry please?

    My mum (82) has a sewing machine (Viking Husqvana model 5530) which will only sew backwards! We are looking for someone to come to have a look at it. Do you know anyone please?

    1. Hi Judy. Whoops, trying to sew garments etc backwards must be quite tricky.
      Here is a contact I have.
      Bristol Sewing Machines
      Robert Philips

      1. Thanks Mandy, I rang his number but the answerphone said he is unwell at the moment so not able to do it.

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