1st December

I am well prepared this year. With my daughter’s help we have made Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, mincemeat for mince pies, some rustic decorations, hearts, stars and birds.

The Cranberry Studded Mincemeat was a recipe by Nigella Lawson in her Christmas book. Very easy to make and no suet required. It made 2 jars so I will be able to make plenty of little star topped mince pies.

All who were at home at the time of making the Christmas cake gave it a stir and made a wish, a traditional thing to do. We stirred and made a wish for our son who is away at Uni.

The preparations continue.


2 thoughts on “1st December

  1. I made the Nigella cranberry mince pies last year and they were delicious…..the recipe made sooo many as well.

  2. I will definitely be making those then, thanks for commenting scrappyjacky.

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